Open for Business 

Welcome to Open for Business! OFB is a free service offered by the City of Branson which consists of representatives from various city departments. The meeting is an informal setting where business owners and city representatives meet to discuss and resolve technical issues affecting proposed business development. There are several key steps to starting a business in the city of Branson.

Step One - Submit Your Business Information

To assist you with your proposed business, we request you provide us with specific information about your project. Information needs to be submitted to the Planning and Development Department by noon Friday for the subsequent staff meeting. This allows staff the time to evaluate the information and prepare a Comment Report for your business project. Inquires about Open for Business can be answered by contacting 417-337-8549.

Open for Business Information Guide (PDF)
Open for Business Contact Information (PDF)
Submit your OFB Information Form online!

Step Two - Meet with the Open for Business Team

The staff's Comment Report will be emailed to you for review prior to your scheduled meeting. At the meeting, you will have the opportunity to discuss your business project and receive additional technical assistance from the team.

Step Three - Heading in the Right Direction

When you leave your OFB meeting, you will have the knowledge needed to move forward in the right direction for your business project. You will know if your location is zoned for the type of business you wish to operate, as well as what applications, permits, and licenses are required to open your business.

Step Four - Apply for a Business License

There are many types of licenses, both state and local, as well as professional, depending on the type of business you plan to operate. A City of Branson business license is required for all businesses operating within the city limits. Inquires about a Business License Application (PDF) can be answered by contacting 417-337-8592.