Branson, MO


When are the Branson Board of Aldermen meetings held?

The Board of Aldermen's regular meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m., unless cancelled or otherwise scheduled. Additional meetings are scheduled as deemed necessary and posted by the Board. The meeting agendas are listed on the City’s website.

Where are the Board of Aldermen meetings held?

The regular meetings are held in the council chambers at City Hall, located at 110 W. Maddux Street. Specially scheduled meetings could be held in various other locations and the meeting agendas will state the location.

Are the meetings open to the public?

Yes. All City of Branson government meetings are open to the public and must abide by all open meeting laws. Notices are posted on bulletin boards at City Hall and on the City's website.

How are the meetings organized?

Regular Board of Aldermen Meeting

 a. Call to Order.

 The Mayor will call the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. 

b. Roll Call.

The City Clerk will call the roll to establish a quorum in order to have an official business meeting.

c. Pledge of Allegiance 

 The Pledge of Allegiance is led by the Mayor 

d. Invocation.

A staff member will give the invocation.

 e. Public Comment

The purpose of Public Comment is to accommodate citizens who have comments regarding City business that the Board of Aldermen has jurisdiction. There is a 5 minute limit for comments.

f. Consent agenda.

Consent Agenda items are routine items that the Board will vote on with one motion. There is no discussion on these items. They may be removed from the Consent Agenda at the request of a citizen or a Board member for further discussion if needed.

g. Regular Agenda.

These items are the regular business items of the Board in the form of an ordinance or resolution. They may include presentations, annexations, codebook updates, zoning changes, bid awards and Board appointments. There is time allotted for public discussion for each item on the Regular Agenda.

h. Reports

Any reports by the Mayor, Board of Aldermen or City Administrator are given at this time.

 i. Adjournment. 

Can I address the Board of Aldermen?

Yes. Addressing the Board of Aldermen

Why do some of the agenda items have a public hearing?

Certain items by law are required to have a public hearing for public input. Public hearings are always advertised in the paper prior to the meeting. Anyone is allowed to speak at a public hearing and there is no requirement to sign-up prior to the hearing in order to speak.

Why does the Board of Aldermen go into an Executive Session?

The Missouri Sunshine Law has specific reasons why a Board can go into Executive Session. When the Board makes the motion to go into Executive Session it must state for what reasons under the Sunshine Law they are going into Executive Session. The only issues that can be discussed in the Executive Session are items that are stated in the motion.

If I can't make it to the meetings, is there a way I can watch them?

Yes. The regular meetings are live streamed and the recording is available on the city's website.

Where do I find the code that the city follows?

The City of Branson has all of its codes listed in a Municipal Codebook which is available on the City's Website.

Who can I contact for further information?

The City of Branson's website is designed to help answer citizens’ questions. It’s a great resource for answers to many questions. Also available on the website are email addresses of City staff that can assist in answering your questions. 

What is the process for creating municipal legislation?

The City of Branson is a Fourth Class City created under Missouri Statutes in 1912. All laws for the City are created by ordinances, which the City codifies into a user-friendly format. An ordinance originates through citizen, Board, or City staff ideas for reasons such as public safety, problem solving, or other concerns. An ordinance starts out as a bill prepared by staff and is placed on the Board’s regular agenda. The bill is available for public viewing on the internet and at City Hall before each meeting. At the meeting, the bill is read by title by the City Clerk, and citizens along with the Board may discuss issues relevant to the bill. A bill becomes an ordinance after it passes by a majority vote of the elected Board on second reading and takes effect once signed into law by the Mayor. The City contracts with a company to codify ordinances into a book that is indexed for easy look-up of the laws. The City’s codebook is available on our website. The Board of Aldermen can also pass resolutions, hold public hearings, and approve appointments to committees and advisory boards.

How do I get involved with the City?

The City has several boards, commissions & committees that citizens are active on.

Administrative Committees:

 • Human Resource Committee

 • Finance Committee

 Advisory Boards: 

• Advisory Park Board 

• Planning and Zoning Commission 

Limited Not-for Profit Corporations:

• Industrial Development Authority

Quasi-Judicial Boards: 

• Board of Adjustment

• Building Code Board of Appeals

 Special Purpose District or Board: 

• Branson Housing Authority Board 

• Transportation Development District

 For more information on the Board or Committee or on how to get involved, please click here.