Branson, MO


Where do I get food stamps, WIC, welfare checks, assistance with housing and rent, and child support?

Contact the Division of Family Services at 417-339-0063.

Where can I file for unemployment?

Employment Security - (800) 320-2519

Where/how do I get Medicare?

Medicare Claims and Information - (800) 633-4227

Where do I post jobs for hiring employees?

Missouri Career Center - (417) 334-4156

Where do I get Social Security information?

Social Security Information - (800) 772-1213

What is the minimum wage?

The Federal minimum wage is $7.25. The State of Missouri minimum wage is $7.35.

How do I contact the Better Business Bureau?

(417) 862-4222 or

Where do I report Labor violations?

Log on to the department of labor website at or contact the department by phone at (866) 487-2365.

What is a Missouri Class D water/wastewater license and how do I become certified?

Contact the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Division of Environmental Quality, Operator Certification Section at (573) 751-1600 or (800) 361-4827